We Are eHempHouse Zambia

What is eHemphouse Zambia?

eHemphouse Zambia

● Leading the way to the future of farming.
● Introducing the smart box into Zambia.
● Integrating technology with decent livelihoods.
● Creating value by adding value.
● Showcasing viable renewable, growable energy solutions.
● Integrating systems solutions to solve multiple problems.

Company model and structure

We simply cannot continue with business as usual. Humanity at the moment is facing severe problems. We have Covid19 and the big elephant in the room, climate change and adaptation. eHemphouse Zambia has decided to tackle these problems head on. eHHZ has a unique business model that is based on a triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit). We are also an inclusive business where the employees hold 15% of the company shares. Using technology to create more meaningful, more valuable work, keeping a balance between technology and job creation. The company will donate 30% of profit to Peace Project Africa projects.