Training facility, Innovation and technological Incubator

Training farm employees, supervisors and managers in organic, sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Training of employees will be both pre-employment and in service on going training. Training programs will also be rolled out for other farmers, farmers groups and farmers co-operatives and out-growers. Organic and sustainable methods will be the core but programs can be tailored to any subjects within the available competencies of the management and staff. Training is in the following:

General farm worker
Farm Supervisors
Farm Managers
Farm Owners
Cooperative Management

Restaurant: Showcasing our products with delicious healthy tasty food.

The location of the farm means that a roadside restaurant can be opened to cater to passing traffic. This serves as a market for on farm products direct to consumers. The Kitchen is equipped as a production/processing kitchen where value addition products can be created with long shelf life for the fresh produce that is created on the farm

Shop selling our products, fresh and processed.

A shop will sell both farm products and essential groceries for staff and their families as well as the general public, the farm shop is on the main road. This can also add another cash flow to the farm income at the same time as reducing costs for staff members by bringing their Requirements closer.

Bakery: Adding value and taste to healthy food.

Out-Grower Scheme: Spreading the wealth across a wide area and large number of small scale farmers.

The strategic location of the project near the railway line and a railway siding allows for out-growers over a wide area. Processing factories will be built near the rail siding and out-growers products can be easily moved by rail. We will be running a scheme where local small scale farmers will be able to come and collect seedlings based on a out-grower scheme and pay the cost of the seedling over a period of time from the harvest for which they will be getting a uptake agreement from eHempHouse, this will provide long term income opportunities for rural farmers and rural households

Value Addition & Processing: Taking more value to the farmer by selling the end product not the raw materials from the farm

Value addition is one of the most crucial components of the company. Moringa leaf can be dried, milled and packaged. It can be integrated into other foodstuffs.
Hemp has many many products, the principal of which are hemp oil, hemp seed cake and fibre. All the livestock will be processed to end products.
Moringa and mungonogo oil can be processed into cosmetics

Energy: Renewable and regenerative energy produced on-farm sustainably.

After years of using solar and wind energy it is clear that it is not an alternative sustainable energy and that we need to take the lessons learned and create a better system that is really carbon negative and does not do further damage to the earth and does not put groups of people at risk.
After decades of assessments we believe that biodiesel is the answer, and no this does not need to take up land meant for food as food is a highly nutritious byproduct if the right crops are chosen.