Questions & Answers

What does the hosting training cost?

It costs K150/night with meals included

How long is the training?

The training is as long as you decide to stay at the farm

How much is the buying price per cow?

The buying price per cow ranges from K2000-K4000

Do we offer membership platforms at EHHZ?

Not currently

How many cows can one have under EHHZ scheme?

Up to 100 cows

When will the hemp project start?

As soon as it goes through parliament

How is ownership of offsprings determined when one buys a cow from EHHZ?

Offsprings belong to the cow owner

How about if a client's cow gives birth to twins,how is it handled at EHHZ?

One twin becomes for EHHZ

Does EHHZ have dairy cows under their scheme?

There are no dairy cows currently under the scheme,this will soon be implemented

If dairy cows are offered under EHHZ scheme, how then is the milk handled?

This has not yet been deteermined

For how long can one keep their cows at EHHZ?

At least 5 years if you want

Does EHHZ accept instalment payment basis on cows scheme?

Instalment payments are accepted per cow

What is the age range of cows that EHHZ is selling?

1 year old to 3 years old

What is the procedure of buying a cow from EHHZ?

-Send us an email
-Sign an agreement
-Send the payment and we will be through

What happens with the haifer that has a calf while with EHHZ?

Calf belongs to cow owner

Are they cows for clients insured?

Every cow for clients is insured and in a circumstance where it dies,the insurance will cover it